4 Best Waterproof Portable Solar Panels

Having a waterproof portable solar panel will save a lot of trouble down the road. by having a weatherproof portable solar panel you’ll not have to worry about leaving your solar panels outside if it’s raining or on cloudy days.

so in this article, I’ll discuss my favorite weatherproof portable solar panel and why you should have them.

Best waterproof portable solar panel

There are so many portable solar panels that are waterproof, but I would let you know which one I have and why is it the best one on the market right now.

Renogy offers the best waterproof portable solar panels.

Renogy 200W

I have two Renogy 200W portable solar panels. and I’m using them for more than a year now it has its pros and cons but it is actually a great one when it comes to looking for a weatherproof portable solar panel.

I don’t have to worry about leaving them on cloudy days because yea they can generate electricity even if it’s a cloudy day or even if it’s raining.

and if you’re wondering about how & how much these solar panels generate electricity on cloudy days so, I’ve discussed this topic in detail in my article Click here to check

These solar panels give me the opportunity to leave them outside on rainy days and not to worry about them. their protecting shield will protect them from water damage.

the reason why I’m suggesting this is because first of all I’m using them and from my experience, i can say it’s worth the money. I had done a lot of searching before making a purchase so this was the one which was the best one available in the market and still are

If you want to read my brief review article about this. Click here to read more in which I have shared my experience and the pros and cons of having this.

But in short, it’s a 200W portable solar panel in suitcase style which makes them easy to carry and has a hard protective shield on the top of solar cells which only not makes them waterproof but it also protects them from damaging solar cells.

the total output would be 12V because of parallel connecting but you can switch it to a series connection to increase the voltage to 24V.

it also comes with a built-in charge controller so you can charge your batteries directly from them without having any additional charge controller. but having a built-in charge controller can increase the work if you wanna charge Jackery’s solar generator with Renogy portable solar panel. which I have discussed here on how to connect multiple portable solar panels and how to bypass the built-in charge controller.

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Renogy 100W

Renogy also offers a 100W waterproof portable solar panel. which can give you 12V of power. 100W comes in the same shape and design as 200W. it also comes with a built-in charge controller and adaptor to connect them with the battery.

the only difference is the price.

I would always recommend going for a high watt as there’s not a lot of difference in the price so it’s better to have a high power solar panel when they are almost the same in size and shape. it’s a one-time investment so why not spend it on the best one.

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Honorable Mentions

Topsolar Portable solar panels

the benefit of having this is it’s lightweight and comes in a USB port which allows charging your phone and tablets directly from the solar panels. Topsolar has 60W, 100W, and 120W solar panels.

Topsolar 60W solar panel on Amazon

Topsolar 100W solar panel on Amazon

Topsolar 120W solar panel on Amazon

Togo Power Portable solar panels

Togo also makes lightweight portable solar panels which makes them easy to carry and are waterproof. they also come with a USB port.

Togo makes 100W and 60W portable solar panels. 100W will give you an output of 18V and 60W will give you the output of 18V as well.

Togo Power 60W solar panel on Amazon

Togo Power 100W solar panel on Amazon

Benefits of having a waterproof portable solar panel

in short, Having a waterproof portable solar panel will help you to store energy during cloudy days, or even if it’s raining you can leave them outside without even worrying about the weather conditions.

if you have a waterproof portable solar panel and it gets dirty so you can easily clean it by washing it with water. which will clean the dirt and will not damage the solar cells.

I sometimes even forget them outside mostly when I’m using them in my home and it starts to rain but because I have waterproof solar panels so it doesn’t matter. if I had no weatherproof portable solar panels it would have definitely damaged their solar cells.

Thank you for reading at the end, I hope this post was helpful. Have a great day!

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