Solar Panel: How Many Units Per Day? (Simple Calculation)

How many units your solar panel will produce per day? depends on how much power your solar panels are producing. Which will vary on the size of the solar panel & weather conditions

The solar power is measured in watts so first of let’s calculate how many watts are equal to 1 unit?

How many watts in 1 unit?

Unit is used in our home electricity bills which describes how electricity is consumed and then accordingly the electricity bill we have to pay.

1 unit is equal to 1KW (Kilo-Watt-Hour) or 1000 watts. So a solar panel which is producing 1KW per hour will be equal to 1 unit

But this is not it. There are many factors that will determine how much power your solar panels will produce per hour.

Video – What is a kilowatt hour? Understanding home energy use

1kw solar panel how many units per day?

I’ll take a 1kw solar panel as an example for this short guide. Under ideal sunlight conditions, your 1kw solar panel will produce 1000 watts or 1kw of power. But it’s not realistic sometimes, So on average your solar panel will produce 80% of its full capacity

For example, a 1kw solar panel will produce on average 800 watts of power per hour

Now multiply this number with solar sunlight hours in your area which you can check through this website

Enter your location, Select per day and check the DNI value. So here in Florida city we receive 5 hours of effective sunlight on average per day

800*5 = 4000 watts or 4kw

on average 1kw solar panel will generate 4-5 units per day or 4-5 kilo-watt-hour power.

so make the calculations according to your solar panel’s size and geographic location.

Here’s a list of different size solar panels and how many units they will produce per day

Solar panel size No. of units per day (5 hrs sunlight)
20W0.1 unit
50W0.25 unit
100W0.5 unit
120W0.6 unit
150W0.7 unit
200W1 unit
250W1.2 units
300W1.5 units
600W3 units
800W4 units
1kW5 units
2kW10 units
3kW15 units
4kW20 units
10kW50 units
Solar panel how many units per day

These numbers are based on under 5 hours of ideal sunlight conditions and if your solar panels are working at their full capacity (100%). Watch this video for more clarifications

Video – How Much Power Does A 5kW Solar System Produce?

Realted FAQ’s

10kw solar panel will produce 10 units per hour and 50 units per day under ideal sunlight conditions for 5 hours

3kw solar panel will generate 15 units per day under 5 hours of good sunlight conditions

2kw solar panel will produce 10 units per day under good sunlight conditions of 5 hours

you’ll receive 20 units per day from a 4kw solar panel under good sunlight conditions

7kw solar panel will produce 35kw of power or 25 units per day under good weather conditions of 5 hours

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