Waterproof Portable Solar Panels: Everything You Need To Know

Waterproof portable solar panel, best waterproof portable solar panel

To protect the solar cells from different weather conditions there are some waterproof portable solar panels on the market.

So in this blog, I’ll share who makes the best waterproof portable solar panels, the benefits of having waterproof portable solar panels & will also share my personal experience after using a waterproof portable solar panel for more than a year.

Are portable solar panels waterproof?

Not every brand makes waterproof/weatherproof portable solar panels so to check look into the features list of the product to find out if it’s weatherproof or not.

As I said unfortunately not all portable solar panels are waterproof some of them are and some of them aren’t so the easy way to check this is to look at it on the product’s feature list most of the companies mention the “Waterproof or Weatherproof” tag in the feature list if it’s not mentioned then most probably the solar panels are not waterproof

if you’re on Amazon and it’s not mentioned then go to the brand’s original site and search for the product you’ll see the waterproof word in the description if it’s waterproof.

What makes solar panels waterproof?

Solar cells can get damaged or lose their efficiency if they get wet by water or moisture in the air.

There are many components involved in building waterproof portable solar panels. In simple words, companies cover the solar panel with a thin glass sheet on the front and back.

Rooftop solar panels for RVs and the ones we install on top of the roof of our house most of them are waterproof because they would have to face many climate changes companies always make them weatherproof

but when it comes to portable solar panels because of their portability they can be moved easily from one place to another, most of us use them while camping or road trips in RVs or trailers. they are not fixed like rooftop solar panels so you can move them inside when the weather conditions are not ideal.

this is why some brands don’t add that extra thin glass on the top of solar cells.

But I would always recommend Waterproof portable solar which I’ll share later on “why”.

Who makes the best waterproof portable solar panels?

To save your searching here are the most popular and best brands that make waterproof Portable solar panels

  • Renogy(The Best one overall)
  • ROCKPALS(Light in weight)
  • POWOXI (Best for Camping)

I’m using Renogy 200W portable solar panels for more than a year & I’m pretty happy with my decision… Click here to read the full review

jackery portable solar panels are one of the most popular solar panels in the market right now but they aren’t waterproof.

if you’re looking for a portable solar panel for an RV like I have so then I would highly recommend Ronegy 200W monocrystalline waterproof portable solar panels with a built-in charge controller.

Rockpals portable solar panels are made of light material with weatherproof technology. It is best if you’re looking to buy one for camping or short trips.

Comes with different charging options like (a USB port to charge your cell phones directly from solar panels)

Click here to check Rockpals store on Amazon

POWOXI portable solar panels are another best option for camping off-grid solar energy. which is easy to carry on because of its lightweight and can survive any weather condition due to its weatherproof technology.

Also comes with different output port options like a USB port (to charge your cell phones directly from solar panels)

Click here to check the POWOXI store on Amazon

Should you buy a waterproof portable solar panel?

portable solar panels are usually used as a part of off-grid solar power systems. which converts solar energy into electricity so we can run our electronic appliances

in simple words they are easy to carry on, plug in, and unplug when you need them. unlike rooftop fixed solar panels like the one installed on our home’s roof or if you have RV rooftop solar panels installed.

BTW I’ve discussed the pros and cons of having portable solar panels or rooftop solar panels in your RV. Click here to read more.

So it is not a big deal if you have waterproof or weatherproof portable solar panels but it’s better to have waterproof solar panels than normal ones. here’s why.

  • You can leave them outside if the weather is not ideal or it’s cloudy (Solar panels can work on cloudy days)
  • Cleaning and maintaining them would be a lot easier, you can simply wash them with water.
  • Waterproof protection will increase the lifespan of your solar panels. Even if it’s not raining the solar cells can get damaged due to moisture in the air or sun rays.

Speaking from my experience: I have had a Not waterproof portable solar panel. one day My wife and I went inside our RV to take a nap. The day was I would say partially cloudy and the solar panels were outside when we woke up it was raining the solar panel got wet and the next day it wasn’t working properly, was just producing 30% of its output than when it was used to produce.

So then I started searching for waterproof portable solar panels

after reading reviews on different forums I made a decision to give it a try (Renogy 200W solar panel kit) and I’m happy that I had made that decision. I’m using this for more than a year now and now have 2 of them. these both combined fulfill my electricity requirement for my RV vocations.


Waterproof technology in portable solar panels protects the solar cells from weather conditions (Raining, moisture in the air) which at the end of the day increases the lifespan of the solar cells and makes them more flexible to use under cloudy weather conditions.

So having a waterproof portable solar panel will help you in long run. I would always recommend a waterproof portable solar then not-weatherproof solar technology.

Are Renogy solar panels waterproof?

Yes, Renogy portable solar panels come with a waterproof protection sheet.

Can Jackery’s solar panels get wet?

Jackery solar panels are not waterproof so moisture and water can damage the solar panels and they will get wet.

Can you leave portable solar panels in the rain?

if your portable solar panels have a waterproof/weatherproof protection sheet so then rain will not damage the solar cells.

Which portable solar panels are waterproof?

Renogy makes the best waterproof portable solar panels as well as ROCKPALS & POWOXI

Are folding solar panels waterproof?

Not all folding solar panels are waterproof some brands do make waterproof protection sheets on the top of solar cells so you have to check their features list to make sure it’s waterproof.

can portable solar panels get wet?

Yes, portable solar panels will get wet if they don’t have waterproof protection layer on them which can damage the solar cells and reduce their efficiency.

Are goal zero solar panel waterproof

Goal zero’s Nomad series is waterproof but the majority of their portable solar panels are not waterproof so make sure to read the feature list before purchasing

Are Kings solar panels waterproof?

Yes, kings solar does make waterproof portable solar panels.

Are RV solar panels waterproof?

Rooftop and portable solar panels for RV, both come in waterproof protection.

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