How Long Will A Battery Last With A 1 Amp Draw? + Chart

A fully charged 100Ah battery will last 100 hours with a 1 amp draw. To calculate how long your battery will last on a 1 amp draw, divide the battery capacity after its DoD limit by 1.

Here's a short but to-the-point guide on how long will a battery last with a 1 Amp draw? The answer to this question will depend on the size of your battery (Ah) and its depth of discharge limit (DoD).

Introduction To Batteries

What Size Solar Panel To Charge 200Ah Battery

Batteries come with different capacities of power hold, which you can check on the specs sheet of your battery or it'll be written on the battery body

For Example: 12v 100Ah, 12v 200Ah etc....

Amp-Hour is the total current storage capacity of a battery.

Battery DoD limit

Some types of batteries are only designed to be discharged only 50%, discharging them below 50% will damage the battery internal cells which as a result will decrease the battery lifespan and in some cases, if you'll discharge your battery to 100% it may never be able to store power again

Here's a chart with different types of batteries with their recommended depth of discharge limit

Battery TypeDepth Of Discharge Limit
Lead-acid 50% DoD
AGM50% DoD
Gel50% DoD
Lithium-ion100% DoD
LiFePO4100% DoD
Table: Battery type and its depth of discharge limit

Note! to get the exact DoD limit of your battery ask the manufacturer of it will be mentioned in the battery specs.

How Long Will A Battery Last With A 1 Amp Draw - Chart

Here's a chart on how long will any size battery with different DoD limits last with a 1 amp draw

Battery SizeLong will a Lead-acid (50% DoD) type battery last with 1 Amp Draw?Long will a Lithium (100% DoD) type battery last with 1 Amp Draw?
3ah1.5 hrs3 hrs
5ah2.5 hrs5 hrs
6ah3 hrs6 hrs
7ah3.5 hrs7 hrs
9ah4.5 hrs9 hrs
10ah5 hrs10 hrs
12ah6 hrs12 hrs
15ah7.5 hrs15 hrs
20ah10 hrs20 hrs
25ah12.5 hrs25 hrs
30ah15 hrs30 hrs
32ah16 hrs32 hrs
50ah25 hrs50 hrs
60ah30 hrs60 hrs
65ah32.5 hrs65 hrs
70ah35 hrs70 hrs
80ah40 hrs80 hrs
90ah45 hrs90 hrs
100ah50 hrs100 hrs
105ah52.5 hrs105 hrs
110ah55 hrs110 hrs
115ah57.5 hrs115 hrs
120ah60 hrs120 hrs
130ah65 hrs130 hrs
140ah70 hrs140 hrs
150ah75 hrs150 hrs
160ah80 hrs160 hrs
170ah85 hrs170 hrs
180ah90 hrs180 hrs
190ah95 hrs190 hrs
200ah100 hrs200 hrs
205ah102.5 hrs205 hrs
210ah105 hrs210 hrs
220ah110 hrs220 hrs
230ah115 hrs230 hrs
240ah120 hrs240 hrs
250ah125 hrs250 hrs
260ah130 hrs260 hrs
270ah135 hrs270 hrs
280ah140 hrs280 hrs
290ah145 hrs290 hrs
300ah150 hrs300 hrs
400ah200 hrs400 hrs
500ah250 hrs500 hrs
Chart: How long will a battery last with 1 amp draw?


  • The battery will last between 3-300 hours with a 1 amp draw. the exact value will depend on the size of the battery and its depth of discharge limit (DoD)

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