Peak Sun Hours UK (United Kingdom): Chart, How To Calculate?

Here's a table on the daily average peak sun hours in the United Kingdom (UK).

daily Average Peak sun hours UK

City Name (UK)Average Daily Peak Sun Hours
Bath3 hours
Birmingham3 hours
Bradford2.8 hours
Brighton and Hove3 hours
Bristol3 hours
Cambridge3 hours
Canterbury3 hours
Carlisle2.8 hours
Chelmsford3 hours
Chester2.8 hours
Chichester3 hours
Colchester3 hours
Coventry3 hours
Derby3 hours
Doncaster2.8 hours
Durham2.8 hours
Ely3.1 hours
Exeter3.5 hours
Gloucester3.1 hours
Hereford3.1 hours
Kingston upon Hull2.8 hours
Lancaster2.8 hours
Leeds2.8 hours
Leicester3 hours
Lichfield3 hours
Lincoln2.8 hours
Liverpool2.8 hours
London3 hours
Manchester2.8 hours
Milton Keynes3 hours
Newcastle upon Tyne2.8 hours
Norwich3 hours
Nottingham2.8 hours
Oxford3 hours
Peterborough3 hours
Plymouth3.5 hours
Portsmouth3 hours
Preston2.8 hours
Ripon2.8 hours
Salford2.8 hours
Salisbury3 hours
Sheffield2.8 hours
Southampton3 hours
Southend on Sea3 hours
St Albans3 hours
Stoke on Trent3 hours
Sunderland2.8 hours
Truro3 hours
Wakefield2.8 hours
Wells3 hours
Westminster3 hours
Winchester3 hours
Wolverhampton3 hours
Worcester3 hours
York2.8 hours
Armagh2.7 hours
Bangor2.8 hours
Belfast2.6 hours
Lisburn2.6 hours
Londonderry2.7 hours
Newry2.6 hours
Aberdeen2.6 hours
Dundee2.7 hours
Dunfermline2.7 hours
Edinburgh2.7 hours
Glasgow2.6 hours
Inverness2.6 hours
Perth2.7 hours
Stirling2.7 hours
Bangor2.8 hours
Cardiff3 hours
Newport3 hours
St Asaph2.8 hours
St Davids2.9 hours
Swansea3 hours
Wrexham2.8 hours


  • On average United Kingdom (UK) receives about 3 peak sun hours (3kWh/m2 of solar radiation) per day.

Data Source: I've collected the above data using NREL PVWatts calculator.

Note: If you're facing difficulty finding your city in the above table, enter the city name in the search bar of the table.

Peak Sun Hours: Short introduction

1 peak sun hour = When the intensity of the sunlight averages about 1000 per meter square (1kWh/meter2).

Why consider peak sun hours? The solar panels are designed to produce their rated wattage output under standard test conditions - STC. Which includes, 1kWh/m2 of sunlight intensity, Temperature: 25°C (77°F), and Air mass (AM): 1.5.

This is why we use the number of peak sun hours as a reference when designing the ideal solar system size.

I have explained this topic in detail. In which you'll learn, how to design the solar system size for your house based on the daily average peak sun hours and your electricity consumption (with example). And some other important stuff.

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Daily Average sun hours United Kingdom (UK) Stats from 2015 - 2022

Here's a chart about the monthly daily average sunlight hours in the united kingdom (UK) from 2015 - 2022.


As you can see, the number of daylight hours are higher than the peak sun hours. Because the intensity of the sunlight is not much effective in the morning and in the evening.

Peak sun hours UK Calculator

3 steps to calculate the peak sun hours in the united kingdom (Uk).

  1. Enter the city name or address in the PVWatts calculator
  2. Make sure it picked up the right location
  3. Click "Results"

Here's a practical image of the above three steps.

Step 1:

how to calculate peak sun hours

Step 2:

Step 3:

Peak Sun Hours By State

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