6 Tips To Protect Portable Solar Panels From Being Stolen

Usually, people complain that their portable solar panels get stolen, sometimes it’s just sad to hear and I can literally feel the pain of something being stolen.

So in this post, I will share my tips with you guys about how I protect my portable solar panels from being stolen.

Do portable solar panels get stolen?

Due to the portability of portable solar panels, they are more likely to be get stolen than fixed rooftop solar panels when you’re not around.

Don’t worry there are some things that you can do to prevent this from happening in the first place. So I’ll share with you guys what I do to protect them and some additional tips which I collected from online forums.

Disclaimer – But just to make sure that these tips are not 100% surety that your solar panels will be protected from getting stolen but yes these can give a hard time for thieves which can, in the end, increase the chances to change their mind. or maybe you came back while they are trying to steal them.

How to keep portable solar panels from being stolen?

1- Anti-Theft Lock

how to keep portable solar panels from being stolen

Anti-theft locks are specially designed for RVs and camping to protect your generators, bikes, motorcycles, and portable solar panels.

which allows you to lock them with your RV like tying a knot, and you can move around without worrying too much about them getting stolen.

These locks come with long aluminum wire and a locker which is not easy to break and can take a long time for any person to break them.

I’m personally using one of the Anti-theft locks so I can lock my solar generator and portable solar panels. so I can take a walk away from my RV without worrying too much.

If you’re looking for one so I would highly recommend this locker Click here (Amazon Link)

Here’s a video that will explain it better.

ToyLock Anti-Theft device review

2- Use Motion Sensor Lights

if you took a nap in your RV in the evening or for any reason if you forgot your portable solar panels outside at night time then these use motion sensor lights can be very helpful.

Motion sensor lights are designed so that when someone comes near your RV or your stuff these lights will turn on.

Which can scare the thief they might think that there’s someone inside the RV. And also can you the signal of threat that there’s some near your truck or RV?

the downfall is that they can only work in the nighttime, which means obviously they will work during day time but would not be that visible.

I personally don’t use them just for the purpose of protecting my solar panels but yes I have one at the top of the door which helps to find my RV’s door in the night if I’m outside.

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3- Pack your things before going away

First of all, avoid going far away from your RV or Van, but if you have to go then I would highly recommend you unfold your portable solar panels and lock them inside the RV.

That’s the simplest and most secure solution I can give you. by doing this your portable solar panels or solar generators will be 100% secure from thieves.

Some additional tips

  • Set a mat out with a massive dog bone and bowl
  • Put a sticker of alarm or smile, you’re on a candid camera
  • or put a fake surveillance camera


You can’t secure your portable solar panels completely from being stolen but there are some tips you can apply to decrease the chances of getting your portable solar panels, solar generators, bikes, etc from getting stolen. like by using anti-theft lockers, and having motion sensor lights. But if the thief is fully determined he can steal anything.

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