What Can A 150W Inverter Run? (Explained!)

150W inverters are best for small campings or to run your small AC appliances

So, What can a 150w inverter run? the answer to this question depends on a few factors which I’ll explain to you in this guide

In short, 150W inverter can run LED TV, charge laptop, Mobile phone, LED bulbs, and other small AC appliances with under 150W input capacity

If you’re about to buy one I recommend FOVAL 150W modified inverter which can your small ac appliances like laptops, phones, and much more which I’m gonna share later on

Introduction – Inverter efficiency and maximum capacity

What is a solar inverter? the job of the solar inverter is to convert the DC (Direct current) coming from the battery into AC (alternating current) so you can run your household appliances (most of the home or kitchen appliances use AC current)

So with the helo of the inverter, you can run your AC appliances like fridge, fans, Tv, toaster, and much more

There are different sizes and types of inverters available in the market right now, so in this guide, we’ll specifically discuss 150W inverters what they can run

How efficient is a 12v inverter? we don’t have this quality of inverter that can convert the Dc into AC without any power loss.

so most of the inverters are 85% efficient (which is most common now) so this means your 150W inverter will consume 150 DC watts from the battery but will give an output of 127 AC watts (150-15% = 127.5)

AC load & inverter capacity

AC load will be your appliance’s or equipment watt consumption which you can see on the backside of your appliance or on the box or you can check online

The wattage capacity of your AC load will determine if you can run your appliance with your 150W inverter

A rule of thumb is that your appliance wattage capacity should be equal to or below then the inverter size. So in this case you can run any appliance as long as it is in this range (max 150W input)

I’m gonna share a list of appliances that you can run with your 150W inverter in a moment but first let’s discuss surge wattage

inverter surge capacity

The surge wattage capacity of an inverter is the short-term power supply which lasts a few seconds to startup the appliances like freezers

Which can be doubled or tripled the total steady wattage capacity of the appliance per hour

E.g a fridge consumes about 200W of AC power which means the surge power it’ll require to get started will be about 600w

But the good news is that most of the inverters come with surge power so a 150W inverter will have a surge power of 300-450 watts

What will a 150-watt power inverter run? (Examples)

Before sharing some examples there is a most important point that you should keep in mind

You can run your 150W inverter at its full capacity but it is always recommended to use your inverter at its 80-85% of full capacity. To increase the lifespan of your inverter and also for some safety factors

so make sure to keep this point in your mind before sizing your solar inverter to run your appliance

Here’s a list of some appliances with their AC wattage capacity which you can run on a 150W inverter

Appliance NameWattage capacity
Air purifier30W
Air Cooler80W
Aquarium Pump20W
Bathroom Towel heater60W
Ceiling Fan 60W
Computer Monitor25W
Cooker Hood30W
Electric Shaver20W
Fridge 120W
Laptop Computer100W
LED Bulb 10W
Examples of what a 150W inverter can run

Now I’m gonna share a video, watch this video for better understanding

Video – What can a 150W inverter Run?

Import Notes On Using 150w Inverter

Don’t leave your inverter turned On all the time Turn off your inverter when it’s not connected with the appliance because an inverter draws amps (2-5% of inverter total capacity) from the batteries even if it’s not connected with any appliances. 150W inverter will draw 3-7 watts from the battery even if it’s not connected with any appliance

Avoid overloading the inverter Use inverter at its 80-85% capacity than its full capacity this will keep your inverter safe and will also increase the lifespan of your inverter


150W inverter can run AC appliances has a maximum power consumption of 150 watts, this is the short answer to this question so i have shared a list of appliances which you can run with a 150W inverter

i hope this guide was helpful to you, if you have any queries Contact US Thank you!

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