Peak Sun Hours By Zip Code: (List + Calculator)

Here's a table on the number of peak sun hours by zip code.

peak sun hours by zip code

City, StateZip CodeDaily Average Peak Sun Hours
(Solar irradiance kW/m2)
Houston, TX774495.2 hours
New York, NY113685.2 hours
Chicago, IL606294.6 hours
El Paso, TX799366.7 hours
Los Angeles, CA900116 hours
New York, NY113854.5 hours
Los Angeles, NY 906506 hours
Houston, TX774945.3 hours
Los Angeles, NY 913316.2 hours
Houston, TX770845.2 hours
Los Angeles, NY 902016 hours
New York, NY10467 4.6 hours
New York, NY112264.7 hours
New York, NY112114.6 hours
New York, NY11236 4.5 hours
New York, NY112204.6 hours
Riverside, CA923356.1 hours
New York, NY87014.1 hours
New York, NY112084.6 hours
New York, NY112344.6 hours
Los Angeles, CA 902506 hours
New York, NY 113734.6 hours
Los Angeles, CA913426.3 hours
Los Angeles, CA908056 hours
Dallas, TX750345.4 hours
Nashville, TN370134.9 hours
Los Angeles, CA 902806 hours
Chicago, IL606184.4 hours
Los Angeles, CA 900446 hours
New York, NY104564.6 hours
Riverside, CA 925036.2 hours
New York, NY100254.6 hours
Riverside, CA923366 hours
New York, NY112144.6 hours
Dallas, TX750525.3 hours
New York, NY112194.7 hours
San Francisco, CA 945655.9 hours
Dallas, TX 750705.5 hours
Brownsville, TX 785215.2 hours
New York, NY112074.5 hours
Los Angeles, CA 926836 hours
Chicago, IL606324.5 hours
Chicago, IL 606394.5 hours
Los Angeles, CA 927046 hours
New York, NY112304.5 hours
New York, NY 103144.6 hours
New York, NY113774.6 hours
Atlanta, GA300445 hours
Riverside, CA917106 hours
Houston, TX774795.2 hours
San Diego, CA 920145.7 hours
Miami, FL331015.5 hours

Note: I have selected the most populated zip codes in the US for the above list. If you haven't found your zip code, keep reading I'll explain how you can calculate using a calculator.

I have explained about peak sun hours in detailed, in which you'll learn why to consider peak sun hours, their importance, and how to size your solar system using peak sun hours data.

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peak sun hours calculator by zip code

Enter the zip code in PVWatts calculator, this will show you the daily average number of peak sun hours your zip code receive on monthly basis.

Step-By-Step Guide: Follow these steps to calculate the peak sun hours by zip code.

1. enter your zip code in PVWatts calculator

2. Confirm the location

With the help of google Maps, make sure the calculator has picked up the right location. If it does "Click Results"

Note: If it doesn't pick up the right location, then try to enter the zip code with the city and state name.

3. Click results

Now you'd able to see the average total number of daily peak sun hours your location receives on a monthly basis.

Note: 1 peak sun hour = 1 kWh / m2 solar radiation

Read the below post in which I've explained this topic in detail. You'll learn the importance of peak sun hours. And how to calculate the solar system size to fulfill your power needs with the help of peak sun hours.

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