Solar Panel Amps Calculator (Watts to Amps)

Use our solar panel amps calculator to calculate the solar panel amps or convert solar panel watts to amps.

Solar Watts to Amp Calculator

Solar Panel output (Watts)
Solar Panel Vmp (Operating Voltage) Or Battery Voltage

How to use this calculator?

  1. Solar panel output: Enter the total capacity of your solar panel (Watts).
  2. Vmp: Is the operating voltage of the solar panel which you can check at the back side of your solar panel.
  3. Battery Volts: Enter the battery volts if you wanna know how many amps your battery bank is storing from the solar panels.
  4. Click the "CALCULATE" box for the result.

Some key points before you leave

We usually measure or convert the watts into amps of solar panels to figure out how much current (amps) is being stored in the battery.

Or we measure the amperage of the solar panel output to select the wire size from solar panels to the charge controller.

So if your goal is to figure out how many amps are being stored in the battery then enter the voltage of your battery (for example 12 for a 12v battery).

If your goal is to select the wire size between your solar panel and the charge controller then I would recommend you buy this multimeter.

Digital Multimeter to check the voltage, & amps of solar panel

Digital Multimeter
Check Price (Amazon)

To measure the Vmp (operating volts), connect the solar panels to the charge controller, then the red wire of the multimeter with the solar panel male MC4 connecter and the black wire of the multimeter with the female MC4 connecter of a charge controller.

This way you can figure out the operating amps, and operating volts of your solar panel.


Here's an example to calculate the amps produced by a 200W solar panel.

200-watt solar panel how many amps?

  • Solar panel size: 200 watt
  • Vmp (operating volts): 22.6 volts

200-watt solar panel will produce 8.85 amps under standard test conditions (STC).

How do I calculate solar panel amps?

To calculate the amps from watts use this formula.

Amps = Watts ÷ volts 

Solar Panel amps (12v, 24v, 48v)

Solar Panel Size (Watts) Amps @12vAmps @24vAmps @48v
5 watt0.42 amps0.21 amps0.10 amps
20 watt1.67 amps0.83 amps0.42 amps
30 watt2.50 amps1.25 amps0.63 amps
40 watt3.33 amps1.67 amps0.83 amps
50 watt4.17 amps2.08 amps1.04 amps
100 watt8.33 amps4.17 amps2.08 amps
120 watt10.0 amps5.00 amps2.50 amps
150 watt12.5 amps6.25 amps3.13 amps
170 watt14.1 amps12.0 amps6.0 amps
200 watt16.6 amps8.3 amps4.15 amps
250 watt20.8 amps10.4 amps5.20 amps
300 watt25.0 amps12.5 amps6.25 amps
350 watt29.1 amps14.5 amps7.25 amps
400 watt33.3 amps16.6 amps8.3 amps
450 watt37.5 amps18.7 amps9.38 amps
500 watt41.6 amps20.8 amps10.4 amps
550 watt45.8 amps22.9 amps11.4 amps
600 watt50.0 amps25.0 amps12.5 amps
700 watt58.3 amps29.1 amps14.5 amps
800 watt62.5 amps31.2 amps16.6 amps
900 watt66.6 amps33.3 amps18.7 amps
1000 watt83.3 amps41.6 amps20.8 amps
1200 watt100.0 amps50.0 amps25.0 amps
1400 watt116.6 amps58.3 amps29.1 amps
1500 watt125.0 amps62.5 amps31.2 amps
1600 watt133.3 amps66.6 amps33.3 amps
1800 watt150.0 amps75.0 amps37.5 amps
2000 watt166.6 amps83.3 amps41.6 amps
3000 watt250.0 amps125.0 amps62.5 amps
4000 watt333.3 amps166.6 amps83.3 amps
Table: solar panel Watts to amps conversion


  • 100-watt solar panel will store 8.3 amps in a 12v battery per hour.
  • 300-watt solar panel will store 25 amps in a 12v battery per hour.
  • 400-watt solar panel will store 33.3 amps in a 12v battery per hour.
  • 500-watt solar panel will store 41.6 amps in a 12v battery per hour.
  • 600-watt solar panel will store 50 amps in a 12v battery per hour.

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