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This is going to be a short but thorough guide on what size battery you'd need to run your Tv.

in short, You need about a 5-20 amp-hour (Ah) battery to run most of the Tv for an hour. The exact value will depend on the size of the tv, its type, and the battery depth of discharge limit.

The exact battery size will depend on these 3 factors.

  1. Wattage consumption of your Tv
  2. Tv runtime
  3. Battery type

Tv Wattage Consumption

To check the wattage consumption of your Tv check the specs sheet on the back side of your Tv it'll be mentioned like this.

According to this pic, the wattage consumption of this specific LED Tv is 48 watts. or if the rated power consumption is not mentioned in watts then look for input voltage and amps.

with the help of this formula, you can calculate the wattage (Watts = Volts *amps).

Or to calculate the most accurate wattage consumption of your Tv or any other appliance use this electricity power consumption meter.

Simply plug it in between the main power socket and the appliance power plug.

Also if you're really thinking about going off-grid or using solar power in the future i would highly recommend spending a few bucks on this meter it'll help you in a long run.

For your convenience here's a chart about different sizes and types of Tv with their general wattage consumption.

Tv Power Consumption - Chart

TV size (inches)TV typePower Consumption (watts)
18-inchLED18-22 W
LCD25-32 W
Plasma50-75 W
24-inchLED24-28 W
LCD36-44 W
Plasma75-95 W
32-inchLED35-40 W
LCD50-60 W
Plasma100-130 W
40-inchLED40-50 W
LCD60-70 W
Plasma120-160 W
50-inchLED50-60 W
LCD75-90 W
Plasma150-200 W
60-inchLED60-75 W
LCD90-110 W
Plasma200-250 W
how much power does a tv use? chart

Note: This is the general overview of how many watts a Tv will consume while running, to calculate the exact power consumption use the method discussed earlier.

Introduction To Batteries (Types, DoD limit)

Now quickly let's discuss the mechanisms of batteries, their types, what is the depth of discharge limit, what Amp-hours mean on a battery, and how the voltage of a battery affects the capacity and battery capacity in watt-hours (wh).

Battery Capacity (Ah, Volts)

Battery capacity is measured in amp-hours (ah). amperage or amps is the unit to describe the electric current. Amp-hours are used to describe the total current storage capacity of a battery.

in simple words, Amp-hours is the length of a pipe and voltage is the width of a pipe. These together will determine how much water you can store in the pipe, and in this case, it's the power.

(Watts = Amps * Volts)

So to calculate how many watts of power your battery can hold use this formula

Battery capacity Watt-hours (Wh) = Battery capacity amp-hours (Ah) * Battery Volts

24v battery can store more power than the same capacity (ah) 12v battery.

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Battery Types & DoD limit

batteries are made of different chemical reactions which is why there are few types of batteries available on the market. The main point you need to keep in mind is the battery depth of discharge limit or DoD limit.

Every battery type has a different discharge limit, here's a chart about different types of batteries and their recommended DoD limit.

Battery TypeDoD limit
Lead-acid50% Depth of discharge limit
AGM50% Depth of discharge limit
Gel50% Depth of discharge limit
Lithium-ion 100% Depth of discharge limit
LiFePO4100% Depth of discharge limit
Chart: Battery Type and DoD limit

only lithium or LiFePO4 battery type can be fully discharged, on the other hand lead-acid, AGM, and gel batteries are not recommended to be discharged below 50%. Discharging them below 50% will decrease their lifespan.

Charge cycle: in simple words when the battery is charged to 100% and discharged to its recommended DoD limit.

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Steps To Calculate Battery Size For Your TV

Now follow these steps to calculate the size of a battery for your Tv.

Step 1: Multiply Tv Wattage Consumption By Running Hours

Run hours will be the total number of hours in a day when you'd like to watch your Tv.

For example, Let's suppose you have a 32-inch LED Tv which consumes about 40 watts of power when running. And the total running hours of your Tv is about 3 hours a day.

40 * 3 = 120Wh 

So you'd need 120Wh of power to run a 32-inch LED Tv for 3 hours a day.

Step 2: Divide The Tv Total Wattage Consumption By 12

Diving the required wat-hours by 12 will give you the number of power you'd need in amp-hours (ah) as the capacity of the battery is measured in amp-hours.

why by 12? to select a 12v battery.

120 / 12 = 10Ah 

Step: 3 Add an extra 20%

An extra 20% is added to cover up the losses due to DC-AC conversion losses.

10 * 1.2 or 10 + 20% = 12Ah

you'd need around a 12v 15ah Lithium battery with a 100% depth of discharge limit or a 12v 30ah Lead-acid battery with a 50% depth of discharge limit to run a 32-inch LED Tv for 3 hours.

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What Size Battery Do I Need To Run My Tv? - Chart

Here's a chart on what size of battery you'd need to run any size Tv for an hour.

TV size (inches) & TypePower Consumption (watts)Required 12v Lead-acid Battery Size To Run this Tv for an hourRequired 12v Lithium Battery Size To Run this Tv for an hour
LED20 watts7ah5ah
LCD30 watts7ah5ah
Plasma60 watts12ah6ah
LED25 watts7ah5ah
LCD40 watts8ah5ah
Plasma80 watts16ah8ah
LED35 watts7ah5ah
LCD55 watts12ah6ah
Plasma110 watts22ah12ah
LED50 watts12ah6ah
LCD70 watts15ah8ah
Plasma150 watts30ah15ah
LED60 watts12ah6ah
LCD80 watts16ah8ah
Plasma180 watts36ah20ah
LED75 watts15ah7ah
LCD100 watts20ah10ah
Plasma220 watts44ah22ah
Table: What size Battery to Run A Tv?


  • You'd need around 12v 7ah lead-acid or 5ah lithium battery to run a 24-inch LED Tv for an hour.
  • You'd need around 12v 12ah lead-acid or 6ah lithium battery to run a 40-inch LED Tv for an hour.
  • You'd need around 12v 20ah lead-acid or 10ah lithium battery to run a 60-inch LCD Tv for an hour.

Watch This Video To Increase The Battery Runtime On a Tv

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