50 Watt Solar Panel To Charge 12v Battery (Everything To Know)

50 Watt Solar Panel Charge 12v Battery
Renogy 50W solar panel

Will a 50-watt solar panel charge a 12v battery? the answer is a big Yes, 50 watt solar panel can easily charge a 12v battery and will be the best match to charge your 20Ah, 33Ah, or 50Ah battery

How much power does a 50-watt solar panel produce? 50-watt solar panel will produce around 250-300Wh per day in 5 peak sun hours.

Now you might be wondering how long will a 50-watt solar panel take to charge a 12v battery.

Easy! i have made a calculator for you guys which you can use to calculate the battery charge time with any solar panel size - Solar Battery Charge Time Calculator

Now let's dive deep into what things you should keep in mind when charging a 12v battery with 50-watt solar panels, also I'll share a chart with different sizes of 12v batteries and how many peak sun hours it will take to charge the battery

What size cable wire should you use, suitable charge controller size, and much more...

How long will a 50-watt solar panel take to charge a 12v battery?

Here's a chart on how long will a 50-watt solar panel will take to charge any size 12v battery in peak sun hours

12v Battery (Ah)How long to charge with 50W solar panel from 50% DoDHow long to charge with 50W solar panel from 100% DoD
18Ah3.1 Peak sun hours6.2 Peak sun hours
20Ah3.5 Peak sun hours7 Peak sun hours
33Ah5.8 Peak sun hours11.6 Peak sun hours
50Ah8.7 Peak sun hours17.5 Peak sun hours
70Ah12.2 Peak sun hours24.4 Peak sun hours
100Ah17.5 Peak sun hours35 Peak sun hours
120Ah21 Peak sun hours42 Peak sun hours
150Ah26 Peak sun hours52 Peak sun hours
200Ah35 Peak sun hours70 Peak sun hours
Table: 50 Watt Solar Panel Charge 12v Battery


  • 50-watt solar panel would take around 5-20 peak sun hours to charge most of the 12v lead-acid battery from 50% depth of discharge
  • 50-watt solar panel would take around 10-40 peak sun hours to charge most of the 12v Lithium (LiFePO4) battery from 100% depth of discharge

Peak Sun Hours: are not the number of day sunlight hours but the number of hours when the solar radiations are 1kw/meter2

How to calculate peak sun hours

Visit here to figure out how many hours to total peak sun hours your city receives

Don't use batteries instead use this!

For camping or emergency use I would suggest using a jackery explorer 300 portable power station with a 50W solar panel instead of a battery (check price on Amazon)

it's easy to carry and you won't have to set up any charge controller or wiring stuff which most of us hate. Simply connect the solar panel to the power station and that's it

I'm using jackery 1000 for my 200W portable solar panel

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What size gauge wire & Charge Controller for 50W solar panel?

Every charge controller and wire size are designed to handle a specific amount of current.

wire gauge chart

Use this chart to select the wire size from the solar panel to the charge controller. To figure out the amount of current which will have to pass from the wire use this formula

Amp = Solar panel capacity (W)/Solar panel operating voltage (Vmp)

For example:

Normally a 12v 50W solar panel will have an operating voltage of 18V under ideal sunlight conditions 2.7 amps

Renogy 50-watt solar panel specs

16 AWG wire size will be the best suit for 50W solar panel to the charge controller

From the charge controller to the battery bank wire size.

Amps = solar panel watts/ battery volts

50/12 = 4.1 Amps

15 AWG wire size will be the best suit for 50W solar panel from the charge controller to 12v battery

What size of cable should I use with my inverter and battery?
Chart: wire size guide for inverter

Use this chart to find out what size cable (from the battery to the inverter) will be the best suit for your inverter

charge controller for 50-watt solar panel

I would recommend using a 10A PWM or MPPT charge controller for 50W solar panel

Renogy 10A PWM charge controller

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I hope this short guide was helpful to you. Still, have any queries? don't hesitate to leave a comment or contact us. Thank You!

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