Can you run a 240v tv off 12v? (YES, Here’s How)

Can you run a 240v tv off 12v? Yes, You can run a 240v tv off 12v with the help of an inverter which will convert the 12v into 240 volts.

in this post, I'm going to show you two methods that you can use to run your 240 voltage Tv off 12 volts. and also what size inverter you'd need for your Tv

Method 1: Use An Inverter

Our solar batteries are designed to store power at 12, 24, or 48 volts. Which in simple words is called DC (direct current).

but most of our household appliances required 120-240 volts. which in simple words called AC (Alternating current)

Also, our grid system provides AC current, which is why most of our household appliances required higher voltage

So to make the conversion we use an inverter that will convert the DC into AC

Note: There will be some power losses when converting DC into AC because the inverters are not 100% efficient. Use my free online DC to AC conversion calculator

Watch this video to learn the basics of an inverter

What size inverter to Run a Tv?

Now you might be wondering what size inverter you would need to run your Tv. here are the 2 steps to find out the inverter size for your Tv

Step 1: Calculate Tv power consumption

To check how many watts your Tv use check the specs sheet (usually located on the backside of the Tv). There will be a rated power consumption in watts.

For Example

if the power consumption is mentioned in watts then look for input voltage and amps. (watts = amps*volts)

Tv power consumption chart

Here's a chart of estimated power consumption of every size and type of Tv

TV size (inches)TV typePower Consumption (watts)
18-inchLED18-22 W
LCD25-32 W
Plasma50-75 W
24-inchLED24-28 W
LCD36-44 W
Plasma75-95 W
32-inchLED35-40 W
LCD50-60 W
Plasma100-130 W
40-inchLED40-50 W
LCD60-70 W
Plasma120-160 W
50-inchLED50-60 W
LCD75-90 W
Plasma150-200 W
60-inchLED60-75 W
LCD90-110 W
Plasma200-250 W
how much power does a tv use? chart

Note! this is the general overview of what you can expect in terms of the wattage consumption of your Tv

Step 2: Add an extra 20%

Now add an extra 20% to the power consumption of your Tv. by doing this you'll eliminate the risk of damaging your inverter or Tv.

Calculation: What Size Inverter For Tv?

Let's suppose you have a 50-inch LED Tv that consumes about 80 watts of power.

80 + 20% or 80*1.2 = 96 watts

You'd need about a 100-watt inverter to run a 50-inch LED Tv.

i have explained this topic in detail with charts and other key points to remember when buying an inverter for your Tv. make sure to read this post before buying an inverter for your Tv

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Method 2: Convert Your 240v Tv into 12v

If you don't want to use an inverter or wanna get the maximum from your battery? convert your 240 volt TV into 12v.

By doing this, you can increase the battery runtime on your Tv because there will be no power losses (DC-AC conversion loss)

and also if you own an RV and want to run Tv directly from your Rv 12v socket this is the way to go

Very Important Disclaimer!

This method involves some electrical knowledge, watch the video for the exact method and still if you're confused i would recommend going to an electrician

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I hope this short guide was helpful to you. still, have any confusion? LEAVE A COMMENT or contact us. Thank You!

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