Peak Sun Hours Canada: (List, and Maps)

The number of total peak sun hours varies from location to location. There are a few methods to calculate them. But, to make it easy for you, I've created a chart on "Average peak sun hours in Canada for different cities/towns and provinces".

Peak sun hours in Canada

Here's a chart on the daily average Peak sun hours in Canada for every City and Town.

City/Town In CanadaLowest Peak Sun Hours Per Day (Winter)Highest Peak Sun Hours Per Day (winter)Daily Average Peak Sun Hours
Banff 1.6 hours6 hours3.9 hours
Brooks 1.5 hours7 hours4.1 hours
Calgary 1.7 hours6.9 hours4.2 hours
Edmonton 1.2 hours6.2 hours3.9 hours
Fort McMurray 0.8 hours5.7 hours3.5 hours
Grande Prairie 0.7 hours6.4 hours3.6 hours
Jasper 1.3 hours5.6 hours3.7 hours
Lake Louise 1.4 hours5.7 hours3.7 hours
Lethbridge 1.8 hours7.2 hours4.4 hours
Medicine Hat 1.6 hours7.2 hours4.3 hours
Red Deer 1.4 hours6.3 hours4 hours
Saint Albert 0.9 hours6.3 hours3.8 hours
Barkerville 1.1 hours6 hours3.5 hours
Burnaby 0.9 hours6.3 hours3.6 hours
Campbell River 1.1 hours6.6 hours3.7 hours
Chilliwack 1.1 hours6.3 hours3.5 hours
Courtenay 1 hours6.4 hours3.7 hours
Cranbrook 1.4 hours6.9 hours4.3 hours
Dawson Creek 0.7 hours6.1 hours3.6 hours
Delta 1.1 hours6.7 hours3.8 hours
Esquimalt 1.1 hours7 hours4 hours
Fort Saint James 0.9 hours6.3 hours3.7 hours
Fort Saint John 0.7 hours6.3 hours3.7 hours
Hope 1.2 hours6.2 hours3.6 hours
Kamloops 1.1 hours6.4 hours4 hours
Kelowna 1.2 hours6.8 hours4 hours
Kimberley 1.6 hours6.7 hours4.2 hours
Kitimat 0.7 hours5.7 hours3.2 hours
Langley 1 hour6.3 hours3.5 hours
Nanaimo 1 hour6.6 hours3.8 hours
Nelson 1.2 hours6.5 hours3.8 hours
New Westminster 1.1 hours6.3 hours3.6 hours
North Vancouver 1 hour6.1 hours3.5 hours
Oak Bay 1.1 hours7.2 hours4.1 hours
Penticton 1.2 hours6.9 hours4.2 hours
Powell River 1 hour6.5 hours3.7 hours
Prince George 1 hour6.1 hours3.7 hours
Prince Rupert 0.6 hours4.6 hours2.6 hours
Quesnel 1 hour6.3 hours3.7 hours
Revelstoke 1 hour5.6 hours3.5 hours
Rossland 1.2 hours6.9 hours4 hours
Trail 1.2 hours7.2 hours4 hours
Vancouver 0.9 hours6.3 hours3.7 hours
Vernon 1 hour6.9 hours4 hours
Victoria 1.1 hours7.1 hours4 hours
West Vancouver 0.8 hours6.3 hours3.5 hours
White Rock 1 hour6.6 hours3.7 hours
Brandon 1.7 hours6.9 hours4.3 hours
Churchill 0.3 hours6 hours2.6 hours
Dauphin 1.5 hours6.7 hours4.2 hours
Flin Flon 1.5 hours6.7 hours4.2 hours
Kildonan 1.7 hours6.7 hours4.3 hours
Saint Boniface 1.9 hours5.9 hours4.2 hours
Swan River 1.3 hours6.7 hours4 hours
Thompson 1.1 hours6.2 hours3.9 hours
Winnipeg 1.6 hours6.7 hours4.3 hours
York Factory 2 hours6.3 hours4.3 hours
Bathurst 1.9 hours5.8 hours4.1 hours
Caraquet 1.7 hours6 hours4 hours
Dalhousie 1.7 hours5.7 hours3.8 hours
Fredericton 2 hours6 hours4.2 hours
Miramichi 1.9 hours6 hours4.2 hours
Moncton 2 hours5.8 hours4.2 hours
Saint John 2 hours5.8 hours4.2 hours
Argentia 1.3 hours5.6 hours3.7 hours
Bonavista 1.3 hours5.8 hours3.7 hours
Channel-Port aux Basques 1 hour5.4 hours3.4 hours
Corner Brook 1 hours5.6 hours3.4 hours
Ferryland 1.6 hours5.4 hours3.7 hours
Gander 0.3 hours5.7 hours3.6 hours
Grand Falls–Windsor 1.4 hours5.3 hours3.7 hours
Happy Valley–Goose Bay 1.3 hours6 hours3.4 hours
Harbour Grace 1.4 hours5.5 hours3.7 hours
Labrador City 1.3 hours6.1 hours3.5 hours
Placentia 1.4 hours5.5 hours3.6 hours
Saint Anthony 1.2 hours5.6 hours3.5 hours
St. John’s 1.3 hours5.4 hours3.6 hours
Wabana 1.4 hours5.7 hours3.7 hours
Fort Smith 0.7 hours6.2 hours3.5 hours
Hay River 0.7 hours6.4 hours3.4 hours
Inuvik 0 hours6.6 hours3 hours
Tuktoyaktuk 0 hours6.6 hours3 hours
Yellowknife 0.3 hours6.4 hours3.5 hours
Baddeck 1.3 hours6 hours4 hours
Digby 1.6 hours6.3 hours4.2 hours
Glace Bay 1.2 hours6 hours4 hours
Halifax 1.7 hours5.6 hours4 hours
Liverpool 1.8 hours6 hours4.2 hours
Louisbourg 1.6 hours5.9 hours4 hours
Lunenburg 1.8 hours5.8 hours4.1 hours
Pictou 1.5 hours6 hours4.1 hours
Port Hawkesbury1.4 hours6 hours4 hours
Springhill 1.9 hours6.7 hours4.1 hours
Sydney 1.4 hours6.1 hours4 hours
Yarmouth 1.6 hours6.1 hours4.1 hours
Iqaluit 0.5 hours5.8 hours3 hours
Bancroft 1.8 hours6.6 hours4.4 hours
Barrie 1.8 hours6.5 hours4.3 hours
Belleville 1.7 hours6.5 hours4.4 hours
Brampton 1.8 hours6.5 hours4.4 hours
Brantford 1.8 hours6.4 hours4.3 hours
Brockville 1.9 hours6.2 hours4.2 hours
Burlington 1.8 hours6.3 hours4.4 hours
Cambridge 1.7 hours6.5 hours4.3 hours
Chatham 2.1 hours5.9 hours4.2 hours
Chatham-Kent 2 hours6.4 hours4.4 hours
Cornwall 2.1 hours5.9 hours4.3 hours
Elliot Lake 1.7 hours6.3 hours4.2 hours
Etobicoke 1.8 hours6.4 hours4.3 hours
Fort Erie 1.6 hours6.3 hours4.2 hours
Fort Frances 1.8 hours6.3 hours4.2 hours
Gananoque 1.7 hours6.1 hours4.3 hours
Guelph 1.8 hours6.5 hours4.3 hours
Hamilton 1.9 hours6.4 hours4.3 hours
Iroquois Falls 1.6 hours5.9 hours4.1 hours
Kapuskasing 1.7 hours5.9 hours4.1 hours
Kawartha Lakes 1.6 hours6.3 hours4.3 hours
Kenora 1.5 hours6.4 hours4.2 hours
Kingston 1.7 hours6.8 hours4.4 hours
Kirkland Lake 1.7 hours5.9 hours4.2 hours
Kitchener 1.8 hours6.4 hours4.3 hours
Laurentian Hills 1.9 hours6.1 hours4.2 hours
London 1.6 hours6.7 hours4.2 hours
Midland1.5 hours6.7 hours4.3 hours
Mississauga 1.6 hours6.4 hours4.3 hours
Moose Factory 1.2 hours5.9 hours3.8 hours
Moosonee 1.5 hours6 hours4 hours
Niagara Falls 1.7 hours6.3 hours4.2 hours
Niagara-on-the-Lak 1.7 hours6.6 hours4.4 hours
North Bay 1.7 hours6.2 hours4.1 hours
North York 1.6 hours6.3 hours4.3 hours
Oakville 1.9 hours6.2 hours4.3 hours
Orillia 1.6 hours6.3 hours4.2 hours
Oshawa 1.6 hours6.5 hours4.3 hours
Ottawa 2 hours6.1 hours4.2 hours
Parry Sound 1.7 hours6.4 hours4.3 hours
Perth 1.7 hours6.5 hours4.3 hours
Peterborough 1.9 hours6.3 hours4.4 hours
Picton 1.6 hours6.5 hours4.4 hours
Port Colborne 1.6 hours6.8 hours4.3 hours
Saint Catharines 1.7 hours6.5 hours4.3 hours
Saint Thomas 1.5 hours6.5 hours4.3 hours
Sarnia-Clearwater 1.8 hours6.7 hours4.4 hours
Sault Sainte Marie 1.7 hours6.4 hours4.2 hours
Scarborough 1.7 hours6.4 hours4.3 hours
Stratford 1 1.6 hours6.4 hours4.2 hours
Sudbury 1.7 hours6 hours4.2 hours
Temiskaming Shores 1.6 hours6.2 hours4.1 hours
Thorold 1.6 hours6.5 hours4.3 hours
Thunder Bay 1.9 hours6.4 hours4.3 hours
Timmins 1.6 hours6 hours1.6 hours
Toronto 1.7 hours6.3 hours4.3 hours
Trenton 1.7 hours6 hours4.1 hours
Waterloo 1.9 hours6.4 hours4.3 hours
Welland 1.7 hours6.2 hours4.2 hours
West Nipissing 1.7 hours6.3 hours4.2 hours
Windsor 1.9 hours6.4 hours4.3 hours
Woodstock 1.6 hours6.6 hours4.2 hours
York 1.8 hours6.6 hours4.3 hours
Borden 1.1 hours6.7 hours4 hours
Cavendish 1.5 hours5.6 hours3.7 hours
Charlottetown 1.3 hours6.2 hours4 hours
Souris 1.2 hours6 hours3.9 hours
Summerside 1.6 hours6.1 hours4 hours
Asbestos 1.9 hours6.7 hours4.3 hours
Baie-Comeau 1.7 hours6 hours4.1 hours
Beloeil 1.8 hours6.1 hours4.2 hours
Cap-de-la-Madeleine 1.1 hours5.8 hours3.8 hours
Chambly 1.6 hours6 hours4.2 hours
Charlesbourg 1.8 hours5.9 hours4.1 hours
Châteauguay 1.7 hours6 hours4.3 hours
Chibougamau 1.4 hours6 hours3.9 hours
Côte-Saint-Luc 1.7 hours6.1 hours4.3 hours
Dorval 1.6 hours6.1 hours4.2 hours
Gaspé 1.5 hours5.9 hours4 hours
Gatineau 2 hours6.1 hours4.2 hours
Granby 1.6 hours5.9 hours4.1 hours
Havre-Saint-Pierre 1.6 hours6.1 hours4 hours
Hull 2 hours6.1 hours4.3 hours
Jonquière 1.7 hours6.3 hours4 hours
Kuujjuaq 0.5 hours6 hours3 hours
La Salle 1.7 hours6.5 hours4.4 hours
La Tuque 1.6 hours5.7 hours4 hours
Lachine 1.6 hours6.2 hours4.2 hours
Laval 1.7 hours6.1 hours4.2 hours
Lévis 1.6 hours6 hours4.1 hours
Longueuil 1.8 hours6.1 hours4.2 hours
Magog 1.7 hours5.9 hours4.1 hours
Matane 1.5 hours5.8 hours3.9 hours
Montreal 1.7 hours6 hours4.2 hours
Montréal-Nord 1.7 hours6.2 hours4.2 hours
Percé 1.9 hours5.9 hours4.1 hours
Port-Cartier 1.4 hours5.8 hours3.8 hours
Quebec 1.6 hours6 hours4.1 hours
Rimouski 1.6 hours6 hours4 hours
Rouyn-Noranda 1.6 hours6 hours4 hours
Saguenay 1.7 hours1.6 hours4 hours
Saint-Eustache 1.8 hours6.1 hours4.2 hours
Saint-Hubert 1.7 hours6.1 hours4.3 hours
Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré 1.9 hours5.8 hours4.1 hours
Sainte-Foy 1.8 hours6 hours4.2 hours
Sainte-Thérèse 1.7 hours6.3 hours4.2 hours
Sept-Îles 1.4 hours5.8 hours3.8 hours
Sherbrooke 1.6 hours6 hours4 hours
Sorel-Tracy 1.7 hours6 hours4.1 hours
Trois-Rivières 1.8 hours5.7 hours4.1 hours
Val-d’Or 1.7 hours6 hours4.2 hours
Waskaganish 1.4 hours6.1 hours3.9 hours
Batoche 1.7 hours6.1 hours4.1 hours
Cumberland House 1 hours6.2 hours3.7 hours
Estevan 1.8 hours7 hours4.4 hours
Flin Flon 1.2 hours6 hours3.9 hours
Moose Jaw 1.4 hours6.8 hours4.1 hours
Prince Albert 1.3 hours6.3 hours4 hours
Regina 1.7 hours7.1 hours4.3 hours
Saskatoon 1.3 hours6.5 hours4.1 hours
Uranium City 0.7 hours6.3 hours3.4 hours
Dawson 0.6 hours6 hours2.8 hours
Watson Lake 0.7 hours5.5 hours3.3 hours
Whitehorse 0.7 hours6.4 hours3 hours


  • On average, Canada receives between 1.6 - 4.4 peak sun hours daily.
Tip: Enter your city/town name in the search bar of the table. 

Peak Sun Hours in Canada (by province)

Province (Canada)Daily Average Peak Sun Hours
(Solar irradiance kWh/m2)
New Brunswick3.5 hours
Northwest Territories3.5 hours
Prince Edward Island3.5 hours
Nova Scotia3.4 hours
Alberta3.3 hours
Ontario3.3 hours
Yukon3.3 hours
Manitoba3.2 hours
Quebec3.2 hours
Saskatchewan3.2 hours
Nunavut3.1 hours
British Columbia3 hours
Newfoundland and Labrador3 hours
Resource: I've used PVWatts peak sun hours calculator to create the above lists.

what are Peak sun hours?

Peak sun hours are not the total number of daylight hours. Instead, 1 peak sun hour = when the intensity of the sunlight (solar irradiance) averages about 1 kWh/m2 for an hour.

Solar irradiance will be different throughout the day.

For example:

  • Morning: 200 watts/m2 of sunlight intensity = 0.2 peak sun hours
  • Noon: 1200 watts/m2 of sunlight intensity = 1.2 peak sun hours
  • Afternoon: 800 watts/m2 of sunlight intensity = 0.8 peak sun hours
  • Evening: 400 watts/m2 of sunlight intensity = 0.4 peak sun hours

4 peak sun hours means, your location receives a total of 4 kWh/meter2 of solar radiation in a day.

Why consider peak sun hours?

Solar panels are designed to produce their rated wattage under 1000 watts per square meter (1 kWh/m2) of sunlight intensity or solar irradiance.

Importance of calculating peak sun hours:

  1. Helps to determine the ideal solar system size for your rooftop
  2. Helps to give an estimated output of a solar system, if you already have any

Note: A solar panel will produce about 80% of its rated DC wattage output during peak sun hour (e.g: 100 watts * 0.8 = 80 watts).

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How to calculate solar system size?
How to calculate solar system size using peak sun hours data?

I have explained peak sun hours in detail, including methods to calculate them.

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peak sun hours map (Canada)

Peak Sun Hours Map Canada

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